Tokina products are covered by warranty when purchased from an authorized Tokina dealer. Any Tokina products purchased through unauthorized dealers carry no warranty. The best and reliable way to be sure you are purchasing from an authorized dealer is to directly contact and check with our official distributors here.

When Tokina Warranty Service is required, please present to Tokina authorized dealer the original warranty card with a copy of your purchase receipt proving the date of purchase. Warranty service will not be provided unless the returned product is accompanied by the original warranty card and copy of your purchase receipt.

In case of authorized Tokina dealer locally providing their own warranty official certificate, priority is given to this certificate over warranty.

Each Tokina lens is manufactured under precise standards and has been subjected to stringent quality control inspections throughout the whole manufacturing process. It is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from date of purchase from an authorized dealer.

This warranty does not cover repair issues related, but not limited to:

This warranty applies to Tokina Manufactured Products only and does not cover any inconvenience due to loss of film, other expenses and incidental or consequential damages. Cost of postage, shipping, sea or air freight or courier service from user to Tokina dealer, distributor or Tokina Repair Service Center is prepaid by user.

Basically, warranty service cannot be guaranteed when the region of requested repair does not match the country of the retail store where the item has been purchased, or when the lens is not purchased from an authorized Tokina dealer. For details, please contact the authorized Tokina dealer of the country or region where you intend to request repair.

Please contact G&L Agencies for service and repair

+27 11 792 1097

9A Langwa Street